general factsEdit

Anguirus is a spiky 4 legged kaiju resembling an Ankylosaurus. Anguirus is the underdog when it comes to be a sidekick of Godzilla. Anguirus weighs 30,000 kilograms and the showa version 100 meters long and 60 meters tall. The millennium (final wars) generation is 160 meters long and 100 meters tall. Anguirus has a lot of spikes (unknown amount) and 2 horns on the head and 1 on the nose.

other informationEdit

Anguirus has no special powers but in final wars Anguirus jumped high in the air and turned into a spiky ball, and in the games destroy all monsters melee, save the earth and unleashed anguirus could shout really loud, and knock kaiju's back. Anguirus appeared in 5 films and an animated show called Godzilla island.

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